The Dark Art Society is a non-profit cooperative of Dark Artists, led by Chet, and it is being built as a platform to help pool resources for the greater good of the Dark Art movement. The podcast and cooperative work aims to breakdown the stigmas and prejudices towards dark art, that exist simply because its subject matter challenges the senses and everyday norms. Some like a good horror movie others a dark painting or print, but it’s all part of a similar boundary-pushing genre that explores human fears and the lessons they teach us through their “disturbing” imagery. The Dark Art Society is co-operative of artists and collectors who sincerely believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. The Co-operative is a place for the Dark Art Society members to share their artwork, network, ask questions, share and learn the business of making and selling Dark Art in a world dominated by blue chip galleries and their like minded art critics.



The intention of the Dark Art Society is to provide valuable information to artists and collectors alike, with a focus on the many benefits of Dark Art in our modern world.  We believe that by sharing our many talents, perspectives, ideas and resources, together we can raise the overall awareness of Dark Art in contemporary culture, while simultaneously empowering, inspiring and equipping artists to express themselves effectively and efficiently! 

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“Monsters are the patron saints of imperfection.” Guillermo Del Toro



Hosted by renowned Dark Artist Chet Zar, the Dark Art Society Podcast covers a variety of important and contemporary topics. Themes include Dark Art, literature, film, music, culture, philosophy, dreams, paranormal experiences, magick and much more! While each episode focuses on specific issues, the nature of this podcast is conversational and organic. With that said we encourage you to take up position, like a fly on the proverbial wall and tune in.


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